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Credits: Anna Schubert


I’m Solène and I’m a food stylist & photographer living in Berlin.

It’s around my early twenties that I started to explore my relationship with food, as well as all the social values surrounding the act of cooking and eating. Through my first blog 8 years ago and later In the mood for food, my love for food developed from a hobby to an aspiration. It led me to experiment from the beginning of my professional life and try to find the part of it that was genuinely animating me.

The diversity of my background helps me to create tasty or visual stories with food. My 5 years of experience in marketing has given me a great understanding of the needs of a brand, while my creative sensitivity and eye for details help me to find the right flavour pairing, accurate atmosphere or visual balance that will highlight your product in a natural yet aesthetic way. I gained practical knowledge in food styling and photography through my blog and the clients I’ve worked for over the last years, backed up alongside by theoretical learning through books, classes and a lot of experimentation to gain flexibility and technical knowledge.

I’m shooting with natural light and cooking/styling « real food » without colorants or any other things that would make it go to waste. As a freelance food stylist and photographer, I favour working with businesses and brands who share my values: respect for products, producers & environment.

Currently available for:
– recipe development
– food styling
– food & restaurant photography
– editorial features
– photographic reports

Based in Berlin. Available for projects in Germany & France.

For any inquiries, feel free to fill the contact form here or write me at
hello [at]

Recipe development & styling | Restaurant photography | Photo reports & travel | Commissioned work

Photo credits: Anna Schubert